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Children ages 3-11 will learn God’s rock-solid truth in a world of shifting sands.

Kids will be challenged as they discover that God’s truth never changes, everyone needs Jesus, and learn to speak the truth in love. Adventure awaits each day as kids explore tide pools, spot orcas, fly kites, and watch the mighty waves crash up against the immovable Breaker Rock!  They will get to learn about the vast and incredible love that God has for each of us! VBS will be held at SOTH on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm.

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We can host VBS without you! 

This is such an important event that emboldens and sometimes even starts a child's walk with Christ before a new school year begins. We need people of all talents to help out. Your time and passion would be very appreciated if you have it to spare. Please see the opportunities available to see where you can help make an impact this summer! 

To sign up to serve with our VBS, please select one area you can assist with by clicking the volunteer image or speak with Pastor Denney. We will contact you to give you more instructions as we get closer to the date. Until then, if you have any follow-up questions feel free to speak with or email.

While we know there are individuals that have the gifts and talents to serve in multiple areas, we would like to give every member an opportunity to serve. If you're not sure where you'd like to help, we are in need of "floaters" on VBS days. 

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