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Whether you are lifelong Christian, a new believer, or someone just searching for answers our goal is for you to feel welcome and comfortable at Shepherd of the Hills. Because we know that stepping into a church for the first time can be difficult, we hope this will answer some questions you may have.

Q. What makes Shepherd of the Hills different from other churches

      in the Twin Ports?


A. At Shepherd of the Hills, we teach Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. We believe in one Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We hope in this way we are the same as other churches in town. Our prayer and desire, however, is that Shepherd of the Hills will lead the way with preaching and teaching from God's Word. We do this by knowing and caring for one another. We do this as our worship and Bible Studies all focus on the good news of Jesus. We may not be the biggest church in the Duluth area. We just want you to see us as a church that shows our love for God and others.


Q. What is your worship like?


A. We work very hard to make sure worship has something for everyone. You will find some contemporary and traditional hymns. Our message is geared toward kids, teens, and adults. We offer a children’s message every Sunday, so kids can be engaged and learning the good news of Jesus. We want all ages and all backgrounds to feel comfortable. To do this we have the entire service printed out in a worship folder for you to follow along.


Q. Am I supposed to dress up?


A. Only if you would like. We live in a world where too often people are judged by appearance or looks. At Shepherd of the Hills, we are happy you are here whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a suit or a dress. Because here we can tell you about Jesus and what he has done for you and the impact he makes in your life.


 Q. What makes you a Lutheran church? 


A. The name "Lutheran" has been used to describe a broad group of teachings. Much like there are different types of Baptists, Presbyterians, and other groups, there are also different types of Lutherans, which makes answering the question a little difficult. You can find a more in-depth answer to the question here (link to our beliefs). The shorter answer to "What makes Shepherd of the Hills a Lutheran Church?" could be summarized this way:


  • The entire Bible is the Word of God.

  • We are saved only through faith in Jesus. 

  • We are saved not by our own works, but by the grace of God.

Every Sunday at 9:00 AM

Wednesday at 7:30 PM

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