God promises to strengthen our relationship with him and our relationships with one another as we spend time in his Word. That promise is for everyone, the whole family from the youngest child to the most elderly. Our goal is to that your grow in faith by strengthening your connection with God and with your fellow Christians.Shepherd of the Hills offers a wide variety of opportunities to spiritual growth that serves adults, college students, teens, and children,.


It has now been 6 months since the COVID-19 pandemic has required us to stay home more often and to practice social distancing.  Thankfully, we are now able to attend church, Sunday school, and bible study in-person with the necessary precautions. However, our opportunities for fellowship are still rather limited.

To help us stay connected and "check in" with each other, we would like to create a collection of photos and updates from you all to share with the congregation.  If you are willing, please answer the following questions and email your answers, as well as a current photo of you and/or your family, to Kely Dunsmoor. We will then put all of the photos and family updates together in a PowerPoint Presentation to email out to the congregation.  It will be a fun and safe way to have a "Covid Check-In". Please respond by Sunday, October 11, 2020. Thank you! 

Covid Check-In
 Please respond by Sunday, October 11th.
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