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    MINISTRY PROGRAMS Shepherd of the Hills offers a wide variety of opportunities for spiritual growth that serves adults, college students, teens, and children. Growth comes through time spent in God’s Word, the Bible. It’s where find spiritual water for our thirsty souls. God promises to strengthen our relationship with him and our relationships with one another as we spend time in his Word. That promise is for everyone, the whole family from the youngest child to the most elderly. Our goal is to that your grow in faith by strengthening your connection with God and with your fellow Christians. ​ ADULT MINISTRY BIBLE STUDY Sunday Mornings following Worship Fellowship Hall at 10:25 AM EVENING BIBLE STUDY Wednesday evenings, adults gather inside church at 6:30 PM. WOMEN'S STUDY Women's Bible held on the fourth Tuesday of the Month at 6:00 PM. ADULT BIBLE STUDY CAMPUS MINISTRY For college students to encourage each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. ADULT BIBLE STUDY MENS BIBLE STUDY A once quarterly Bible study for men. Typically held on a Sunday evening. ADULT BIBLE STUDY STARTING POINT Bible introduction, exploration, and membership class for adults. YOUTH MINISTRY ADULT BIBLE STUDY SUNDAY SCHOOL Sunday Mornings following Worship Classrooms at 10:25 AM ADULT BIBLE STUDY WEDNESDAY STUDY Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM Pre-K to 5th grade ADULT BIBLE STUDY HOMES SCHOOL STUDY 3rd Tuesday of the month in the Conference Room at 9:30 AM. ADULT BIBLE STUDY YOUTH GROUP Grades 6-12. We meet for Bible Study on Sunday mornings at 10:25 AM ADULT BIBLE STUDY YOUTH CONFIRMATION Youth Confirmation is a three - year course for students in 6th–8th grade. ADULT BIBLE STUDY KIDS EVENTS Free for kids ages 3-11. VBS, Trick or Treat, Easter for Kids, and more.

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    WELCOME TO DAY 1 EXPLORERS! God Rescues Noah SHARE A PHOTO WELCOME MESSAGE Meet Pastor Tim. He will be welcoming you to VBS today. OPENING SKIT Meet Jane and Sidney the sloth. TODAY'S LESSON Watch this video to hear about today's awesome Bible story. BIBLE CHALLENGE Learn more about today's Memory Verse - Psalm 36:7 TIME FOR A SONG Jesus is my Treasure! Get ready to sing along. CREATIVE CRAFT Be as creative as you want to be. Becky and Kim will help you make a colorful Ark. CLOSING SKIT Close the day with Jane and Sidney sloth. Thanks for joining us today. We'll see you tomorrow! Next Lesson

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    VBS 2020 PHOTOS < BACK TO VBS Thank you to everyone for participating and submitting photos. 1/4

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    MEMBER INFORMATION FOR CHURCH DIRECTORY Please complete the form below if you are a new member, transfer member, or if you have any changes in 2020.


Worship every Sunday at 9:00 AM  with a repeating service on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM


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